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lipper Spray comes from the company behind Barbicide , Clippercide and has a 5-in-1 action that disinfects, lubricates, cleans, cools and protects against rust within 10 minutes of application.

Disinfects: Clipper spray kills bacteria, fungi and viruses, including HIV-1 and TB.

Lubricates Blades: Spraying your blades with Clipper leaves a thin film of lubricant that reduces friction and helps to keep blades sharp.
Cleans: The aerosol spray blows hair, dust and other rubbish from between the teeth of your clippers.

Cools: The coolant within the aerosol cools your blades on contact.

Prevents Rust: Clipper anti-rust formula protects your clipper blades and prolongs the life of your clippers or trimmers


This is a fantastic spray that is 1 in 5 also.

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NM Beauty Clipper Spray Cool Care
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