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Babyliss Titanium Rose Gold Foil Shaver
Product Details Our Rose Gold Foil Shaver is a heavy-duty dual foiler for precise, crisp fading, or close, smooth cleaning up of the hairline. With ultra‐fine, hypoallergenic titanium foils for long-lasting smoothness and no irritation. The high-powered motor gives sustained...
Kiepe Coiffure Super Series 6" Scissor
6 inch Convex Blades Detachable Finger Rest Professional High Carbon Stainless Steel Alloy Made in Italy by Kiepe Available in 7". 
Kiepe Pro cut 5'5" Scissors
Kiepe Scissors Pro Cut 2127 - 5.5 Professional hairdressing scissors: micro bevels micro-serrated edge ideal for straight cuts. Traditional "regular" type handle of the highest quality steel used for their production guarantees sharp, perfectly polished edges and, consequently, perfect cutting...
Wahl Multi Colour Cutting Guides
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Set of 8 plastic comb attachments to fit standard Wahl Multi Cut Clippers. Includes No. 1 - 3mm, No. 2 - 6mm, No. 3 - 9mm, No. 4 - 13mm, No. 5 - 16mm, No. 6 - 19mm,...
Wahl Boar Bristle Fade Brush
The Wahl Fade Brush has soft yet firm nylon/boar bristles that gently remove hair debris, this brush is especially useful on sensitive scalps and fine hair. Features: CLEAN FADE - Helps to identify any imperfections in a fade TIDY -...
Wahl Hi-Viz Trimmer Blade
The Wahl Hi- Viz blade has an extra wide t-blade for extended visibility. The thin profile blade has zero-gaps which allows for closer cutting. Replacement Hi- Viz Blade with DLC coating offers durability, low maintenance and high performance. The blade will stay...
Wahl A-Lign Trimmer Blade
Purpose Designed for only the most precise trimming and styling of difficult areas, the Wahl 1062-600 Adjustable T-Shaped Trimmer Blade Set is a hardworking and long-lasting replacement to worn out blades. Made of gorgeous stainless steel in their USA factory,...
Wahl Groomsman Beard Trimmer (Battery)
CORDLESS POWER - Battery powered cordless operation for freedom of movement SUITABILITY - Ideal for beards, stubble, facial hair, necklines and sideburns VARIED CUTTING LENGTHS - Trim, shape and edge your beard with cutting lengths from 0.5-13mm RUST RESISTANT BLADE...
Wahl Stagger-Tooth 5 Star: Cordless Magic Clip Gold
Wahl Blade Set for Cordless Magic Clipper Gold comes with Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) to keep them stay sharper for longer. Features: CUTTING LENGTH - 0.8mm COMPATIBLE WITH - 5 Star Gold Cordless Magic Clip (8148) CRUNCH BLADE - This Blade creates a blunter cut and a...
Babyliss Pro Uv Foil02 Replacement Foil & Cutters (Double Foil)
Babyliss Pro Shaver Replacement Foil and Cutter are designed for use with The Pro Shaver. It's created to preserve the sharpness of blades while cutting hair cleanly. Offers a smooth, close shave without irritation. Its durable construction allows long-term use.
BaByliss Pro UV Single Foil01
£100.00 (£120.00 incl. VAT)
BaByliss Pro UV Single Foil01
NEW UV-Disinfecting Lid Kills 99.9% of Bacteria UV Light Indicator  Auto Shutoff Hypoallergenic Black Titanium Foils Dual Counter-Cutting Blades NEW 10,000 RPM High-Speed Motor NEW High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery with Over 5.5 Hour Runtime NEW Sleek Metal Housing with Ergonomic Grip...
Wahl Balding Corded Clipper
£54.17 (£65.00 incl. VAT)
Wahl Balding Corded Clipper
The Wahl Balding Clipper comes with a specially designed blade that is set to zero overlap for achieving the balding effect on all cuts.The teeth are ultra fine to enable smother feeding of short hair.Features a powerful heavy duty V5000...
Wahl Super Taper Corded Clipper
£65.83 (£79.00 incl. VAT)
Wahl Super Taper Corded Clipper
Wahl Super Taper Clipper Professional Barbers Hair Clippers. We introduce you to the UK bestselling professional mains hair clipper. The Wahl Super Taper clippers are used by nearly ever salon or barber you will ever visit as they are Powerful,...
BaByliss Pro Skeleton/LO-PRO Replacement Charger
Replacement charger for the BaByliss Pro Skeleton. It also works on the Super Clipper, Super Trimmer and the Super Motor Collection   62559
BaByliss Pro UVFOIL Double Foil Shaver
NEW UV-Disinfecting Lid (Patent Pending) Kills 99.9% of Bacteria UV Light Indicator Auto Shutoff Offset Double-Foil System Hypoallergenic Black Titanium Foils Dual Counter-Cutting Blades NEW 10,000 RPM High-Speed Motor NEW High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery with Over 5.5 Hour Runtime NEW Sleek...
Wahl Replacement Transport 5V
£14.16 (£16.99 incl. VAT)
Wahl Replacement Transport 5V
This Wahl 5V Charger is compatible with the Cordless Detailer Li, 5V Cordless Super Taper, Magic Clipper, Cordless Legend and Senior Clipper 
BaByliss Pro LO-PRO FX Trimmer Gold
£105.00 (£126.00 incl. VAT)
BaByliss Pro LO-PRO FX Trimmer Gold
The Cordless Lo-Pro FX Skeleton Trimmer Gold has a fully exposed T-Blade giving the 360° visibility needed for intricate work. The high-performance lithium battery gives 120 minutes of continuous runtime from a 3 hour fast charge, with guaranteed sustained power...
BaByliss Pro LO-PRO FX Clipper Gold
£126.88 (£152.26 incl. VAT)
BaByliss Pro LO-PRO FX Clipper Gold
The Cordless Lo-Pro FX Clipper Gold has been ergonomically designed with an ultra-low profile, heavy-duty metal casing for hard-working durability. The high-performance lithium battery gives 120 minutes of continuous runtime from a 3 hour fast charge, with guaranteed sustained power and...
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Wahl Professional Multi Charge Power Station
Charge any combination of three cordless 5V Wahl Professional clippers, trimmers, and shavers in the time it takes to charge a single tool. Six interchangeable inserts allow you to customize the Power Station to the tools you need re-charged. Charge...
Wahl A-Lign Trimmer
£104.00 (£124.80 incl. VAT)
Wahl A-Lign Trimmer
TIGHT TRIMMING & DETAIL WORK Thin, narrow T-blade for exceptional visibility and control. One-hit lining, trimming and detail work in even the smallest spaces. Cordless with 3-hour run time. Zero-gap adjustable blades.   Run Time: 2.5hrs Blades: Fixed Charge Time:...
Wahl Hi-Viz Trimmer
£164.95 (£197.94 incl. VAT)
Wahl Hi-Viz Trimmer
Live in the details with the Wahl Hi-Viz® Trimmer . Narrow in on fine lines with more visibility from a slim neck and an improved wide T-blade. Designed for all hair types with Adaptive Speed Control to automatically deliver more power when...
Babyliss Pro BarberSonic Disinfectant Box
Babyliss Pro Sonic Barber Case. First to the market (patent pending) professional disinfectant solution box. Uses an automated cleaning cycle to clean scissors, blades, guards & combs. Sonic vibrations release dirt, hair, grime and other foreign particles while an LED...
Babyliss Pro Lo-Profx Charging Base
Charging Base for Babyliss PRO Lo-Pro FX Cordless Clipper. Easy and effortless charging solid base for balance and stability charging indicator light. 
Babyliss Pro SnapFx Skeleton Trimmer
£183.33 (£220.00 incl. VAT)
Babyliss Pro SnapFx Skeleton Trimmer
SNAPFX: The revolutionary Dual Lithium Battery System with snap in / snap out high capacity batteries that can be simultaneously charged for continuous cordless use. With blue LED ring light battery indicator, cartridges can be charged whilst the other is...

The Best Barbering Electricals

Barbering electrical products are the most important care products for hair and beards to have an aesthetic appearance. Hairdryer, shaver, beard trimmer, hair tongs, and other barbering electrical products with multiple functions are indispensable parts of everyday life and professional hairdressers. Shavers, which are essential hair and beard care products for men, ensure that hair and beards always have a flawless appearance. Likewise, hair tongs are among the products that women do not give up in order to always style their hair to the extent they want.

Barbering Electricals for Sale

When choosing between barbering electrical products, personal demands and needs should be observed most accurately. Especially in hair and beard-cutting machines, which are widely preferred by men, the function of devices is very critical. Beard cutting machines that promise robust, powerful, and easy operation may not always be available. The same applies to hair clippers. Beard cutting machines are categorized according to their function and differ in usage.

Best Price for Barbering Electricals

The most basic function difference that distinguishes beard-cutting machines from barbering electrical products is the characteristics they have when it comes to cutting the beard completely or gradually. In the same way, it is possible to separate beard machines, either wired or wireless, or classify them according to which area of beards they are produced for. In parallel with this situation, blow-dryers, hair tongs, or hair straighteners may also vary according to their characteristics and functions. All these factors are decisive in the prices of barbering electrical products.

Where to Buy Barbering Electrical Products?

When purchasing barbering electrical products, it is necessary to ensure that the devices that best suit personal needs and demands are purchased from the right addresses. CSS hosts devices that can meet the personal demands of almost everyone in the most effective way with a wide range of barbering electrical product options. CSS, with barbering electrical product options; offers the opportunity to access devices that will make your daily life easier, maintain your effective appearance, and allow you to perform your personal care with high performance at the least cost.

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