Babyliss Pro Titanium Foil Shaver Gold
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Code: 85437 New GOLD colour. Babyliss PRO Titanium Foil Shaver, heavy-duty dual foil shaver designed for precision fading and blending with ultra-fine, hypoallergenic titanium foils for a close cut finish and high power cord/cordless motor to guarantee sustained performance for the...
BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Dryer
£80.00 (£96.00 incl. VAT)
BaByliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Dryer
Faster…Quieter…Lighter…Longer Lasting Hair Dryer. Introducing the new ItaliaBRAVA professional dryer powered by breathtakingly innovative brushless motor technology, guaranteed to last 10x longer than your regular dryer. The 2400W Ferrari designed engine gives stronger air pressure and 15% faster*, more concentrated...
This anti-static and colour resistant gown is water and bleach proof and made from 100% Polyester. 138cm x 153cm
Water and bleach proof.Anti-Static and colour resistant.100% Polyester.138cm x 153cm one size fits all.
£5.49 (£6.59 incl. VAT)
Easy to use pump action bottle. For use on clipper blades to disinfect and clean, helps resist bacteria, virus and fungicide. The quick and easy way to keep all clipper blades clean and fresh.
£4.54 (£5.45 incl. VAT)
Wahl Antibacterial Surface Spray 400ml  The Wahl Antibacterial Surface Spray is effective against all enveloped viruses, including Covid-19 fast and effective surface disinfectant. Kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and yeasts.
Sold Out
Wahl Storage Box Magnetic Premium Attachment Combs
Wahl's Premium Magnetic Attachment Combs are easy to fit, made to last and give superb results. They also come in a clever storage box, so you always have the right comb to hand. Each comb is made with premium materials to...
£34.78 £27.85
£179.99 £144.00 (£172.80 incl. VAT)
Andis reVITE Clipper with Fade Blade Lightweight tapered body and slimmer shape Cord/cordless flexibility Durable stainless steel blades adjust with a traditional level arm New rotary motor and ball bearing drive system with rubber mount and gasket design Adjusts from 00000-000...
£179.99 £144.00
Babyliss Pro Gold Heavy Duty Metal Cordless Clipper
Babyliss Pro Gold Super Motor Cordless Clipper retains all the style and supreme performance of the best-selling original Super Motor Clipper, but not with the convenience of being cordless. Features: Cord/cordless use Japanese Steel Blades Lithium Battery 3 hour charge...
£148.20 £118.56
Babyliss Pro Gold Skeleton Trimmer
£120.00 £99.00 (£118.80 incl. VAT)
Babyliss Pro Gold Skeleton Trimmer
High power cord or cordless performance Advanced lithium for sustained power performance 3 hour charge time for 120 minutes run time High-torque brushless motor for long-lasting power and speed Precision engineered Japanese steel blades with a super sharp V cutting...
£120.00 £99.00
Wahl Cordless Senior Metal Edition
£215.00 (£258.00 incl. VAT)
Wahl Cordless Senior Metal Edition
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This limited edition Metal Senior comes with a full aluminium housing and provides a sturdy, robust grip with a weighted feel for precision and control. It also comes with an all metal adjustable taper lever and has a...
Wahl Single Foil Shaver
£47.15 (£56.58 incl. VAT)
Wahl Single Foil Shaver
Overview: The ultimate finishing tool designed for precision fades, close cutting and on-scalp fading Ultra fine hypoallergenic foil enables a super-close 0.05mm cutting length with only the lightest pressure applied Hypoallergenic smooth foil eliminates irritation for a bump-free finish Revolutionary...
Wahl Premium Magnetic Combs Pack 6
£29.65 (£35.58 incl. VAT)
Wahl Premium Magnetic Combs Pack 6
Wahl Premium Magnetic Combs Pack 6 Wahl Premium Magnetic Combs Pack 6, set of 6 Wahl magnetic clipper guards Perfect fit with the MAGCLICK™ System, just hear a click to confirm attachment is secured to blade set, the guards have...
BaByliss PRO 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Roller Set
Overview  30 heated rollers with ceramic for shiny curls, shape and volume Includes 8 jumbo, 8 large, 8 medium and 6 small rollers Easy grip design High heat performance with ultra-fast heat up 2 temperature settings: 90?C - 130?C 15...
£49.00 £39.99
BaByliss PRO Heated Ceramic Roller Set (20 Piece)
Overview 20 heated rollers with ceramic for shiny curls, shape and volume Includes 8 jumbo, 6 large and 6 medium rollers Easy grip design 5 minute ultra-fast heat up 2 heat settings 10 super clips and 20 metal pins Description...
£32.00 £25.60
Sold Out
Babyliss Pro LO-PRO FX Cordless Trimmer
£96.00 (£115.20 incl. VAT)
Babyliss Pro LO-PRO FX Cordless Trimmer
The Cordless Lo-Pro FX Skeleton Trimmer has a fully exposed T-Blade giving the 360° visibility needed for intricate work. The high-performance lithium battery gives 120 minutes of continuous runtime from a 3 hour fast charge, with guaranteed sustained power and...
BaByliss Pro LoPROFX High Performance Low Profile Clipper
The Cordless Lo-Pro FX Clipper has been ergonomically designed with an ultra-low profile, heavy-duty metal casing for hard-working durability. The high-performance lithium battery gives 120 minutes of continuous runtime from a 3 hour fast charge, with guaranteed sustained power and speed,...
Wahl Super Taper Cordless and Beret Combo Kit
This Super Taper Cordless and Beret Combi Kit is designed for cordless bulk removal and tapering. CLIPPER Lithium battery for consistent cutting power 100 minute run time from a 120 minute charge Lightweight for comfort Includes 4 attachment combs, grades...
Wahl Professional Cordless Charging Stand
PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: The Cordless Clipper Charge Stand is compatible with charging all Wahl, Sterling, and 5-Star cord/cordless clippers, so it can keep all clippers charged for uninterrupted cutting. STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: This charger is weighted to keep it steady and in...
BaByliss PRO BAB2666U Perfect Curl MKII
Product Description Create three different types of curl in seconds with the new Perfect Curl MKII featuring revolutionary auto-curl technology enabling the creation of three types of curl formations at the touch of a button; tight, defined or loose waves....
Wahl Cordless Senior and Cordless Detailer Combi Kit
Wahl Cordless Senior & Detailer Li Duo The Wahl Cordless Senior & Detailer Li combi pack features two of Wahl's best-selling cordless products. The ideal duo for any busy barbers, both the Senior and Detailer benefit from revolutionary Lithium-ion battery...
Wahl 5 Star Cordless Legend clipper
£124.99 (£149.99 incl. VAT)
Wahl 5 Star Cordless Legend clipper
The Wahl Legend goes cordless! Known for its extended wide range fading wedge blade that provides you with a better fade and blending range. The Wedge Blade offers improved accuracy when cutting and as a result, allows you to achieve...
BaByliss PRO Cordless Single Foil Shaver
Babyliss Cordless Single Foil Shaver is a compact single foil shaver designed for precision fading and blending. Features include: Ultra-fine Hypoallergenic Titanium Foil for close cut finish Cordless for the ultimate finishing tool Powerful rotary motor Cordless for up to...

The Best Barbering Electricals

Barbering electrical products are the most important care products for hair and beards to have an aesthetic appearance. Hairdryer, shaver, beard trimmer, hair tongs, and other barbering electrical products with multiple functions are indispensable parts of everyday life and professional hairdressers. Shavers, which are essential hair and beard care products for men, ensure that hair and beards always have a flawless appearance. Likewise, hair tongs are among the products that women do not give up in order to always style their hair to the extent they want.

Barbering Electricals for Sale

When choosing between barbering electrical products, personal demands and needs should be observed most accurately. Especially in hair and beard-cutting machines, which are widely preferred by men, the function of devices is very critical. Beard cutting machines that promise robust, powerful, and easy operation may not always be available. The same applies to hair clippers. Beard cutting machines are categorized according to their function and differ in usage.

Best Price for Barbering Electricals

The most basic function difference that distinguishes beard-cutting machines from barbering electrical products is the characteristics they have when it comes to cutting the beard completely or gradually. In the same way, it is possible to separate beard machines, either wired or wireless, or classify them according to which area of beards they are produced for. In parallel with this situation, blow-dryers, hair tongs, or hair straighteners may also vary according to their characteristics and functions. All these factors are decisive in the prices of barbering electrical products.

Where to Buy Barbering Electrical Products?

When purchasing barbering electrical products, it is necessary to ensure that the devices that best suit personal needs and demands are purchased from the right addresses. CSS hosts devices that can meet the personal demands of almost everyone in the most effective way with a wide range of barbering electrical product options. CSS, with barbering electrical product options; offers the opportunity to access devices that will make your daily life easier, maintain your effective appearance, and allow you to perform your personal care with high performance at the least cost.

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