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Disposable Towel White Pack of 100
Disposable Towel for barbers and hair dressers In white Multi-purpose packed individually Pack of 100  
£23.99 £16.00
Timpa disposable and elastic hygienic barber neck strip 500 pieces
TIMPA DISPOSABLE AND ELASTIC HYGIENIC BARBER NECK STRIP 500 pieces 100 for greater resistance through the silhouette, 5 rolls of labels for writing to design with geometric trousers and short sleeves made of plastic golf clubs, 500 for greater resistance...
£6.75 £5.75
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Barber and Hairdresser Disinfecting Jar
Disinfecting Jar Custom moulded glass with a stainless steel tray for easy immersion. Ideal for use in grooming salons. Provides convenient, easy disinfection of grooming instruments and salon tools. Carries a no-rust guarantee and will not impair even the finest cutting...
VAIN - Razor Blade and Sharps Disposal Container Dispenser Case
VAIN - Razor Blade and Sharps Disposal Container Dispenser Case The Shave Factory Razor Blade Disposal Case Sturdy and considerably larger than other blade banks on the market The Shaving Factory Razor Blade Disposable Case is as well suited at...
SALONSYSTEM Mini Disposable Wax Inner Pots - 5 pack
SALONSYSTEM Mini Disposable Wax Inner Pots - 5 pack  Disposable inserts fit directly into the Mini Wax Heater for no mess, no fuss waxing treatments. Perfect for brows and facial waxing. Pack of 5.
Black Vinyl Disposable Gloves (100 per Box)
100 Gloves per BoxWhen strength and dexterity are of the utmost importance, our allergy-free Powderfree Nitrile Gloves are the ideal choice. From food handling to engineering, these versatile gloves are sure to suit the task at hand. Powder free Latex...
Hair Tools Disposable Salon Towels White Pack of 50
Hair Tools Disposable Salon towels  white pack of 50 are eco-friendly disposable salon  towels that are soft and super absorbent. Features: 100% biodegradable disposable salon towels Disposable after use Size: 80cm x 39cm Soft and super absorbent  Non-woven Cost effective by reducing...
BRG Disposable Non Sterile Medical Face Mask x50
BRG Disposable Non Sterile Medical Face    3 Ply Layers Non woven  Easy breathing  Perfect fitting  Full ultrasonic  x50  
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The Shave Factory - multi purpose disposable strips (500)m
The Shave Factory Disposable Strips are suitable for use in all manner of professional services, including cutting, wrapping, facials and makeup application. These strong multipurpose strips are made from a soft, stretchable material for client comfort. Self-adhesive, the strips easily...
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Freestanding Protective GLASS Divider Salon Barber Safety PPE
180 x 75 cm Glass Dividers Freestanding Protective GLASS Divider Salon Barber Safety PPE Using hygiene screens within your business can help protect staff and customers from the spread of infections transmitted via coughs and sneezes. Works perfect to protect to...
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Barbicide Solution 473 mL
Barbicide Solution 473 mL 100% Original And Authentic Not Counterfeit. Brand New in Retail Packaging. Anti-rust formulation protects your expensive shears. Barbicide concentrate is economical for use in every salon, barbershop and spa! -Custom molded glass with stainless steel parts....
SALONSYSTEM Marvelash Glue Rings 10 disposable
SALONSYSTEM Marvelash Glue Rings Disposable glue rings. Allows for quick, easy and hygienic lash application, contains 10 disposable rings.

Salon Hygiene Products

Salon hygiene products are products that sterilize professional barber and hairdressing salons and completely purify them from microorganisms. Hygiene products specially produced for hairdressers and barbers include tools designed for human contact, unlike ordinary hygiene products. Disposable shaving aprons, adhesive eyebrow-raising rings, masks, hairdressing work sets, shaving neck braces, and similar products are all among salon hygiene products. Salon hygiene products, which are among the most important tools of professional hair salons, can be obtained at low costs through CSS.

Salon Hygiene Products for Sale

Salon hygiene products include products developed for different purposes. Special production products such as disposable adhesive eyebrow-raising rings and shaving neck braces are for use in fully professional hair salons. Adhesive eyebrow-raising rings ensure that eyebrows can be removed extremely easily and effectively while shaving neck braces prevent hair and hair that are likely to enter the customers' body and neck area. All these salon hygiene products, which are essential for every hair salon, are included in the CSS's wide range of salon hygiene products category.

Salon Hygiene Products Best Price

It is found in solution products in salon hygiene products. Solutions, which are mostly used after shaving, prevent possible deformations that may occur on the skin. Thus, it is possible to provide a high level of quality service. Another of the products that should definitely be found in hairdressers and barbershops is razor destruction kits. Razor blades, which come into direct contact with the human body, prepare the ground for the spread of infectious diseases in the hall. You can have a 100% sterile hall with razor destroy boxes produced to eliminate such problems completely.

Where to Buy Salon Hygiene Products?

Salon hygiene products are not easily found products. Especially the availability of products produced only for hairdressers and barbershops presents difficulties in some cases. CSS allows you to have salon hygiene products produced entirely for hairdressers and barbers at the lowest costs. Moreover, salon hygiene products with a high level of quality will ensure that the service you provide is much better quality.

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