Redone Aqua Hair Wax Full Force 150ml
Red One Aqua Hair Wax Full Force 150ml A perfect formula for your hair to create long-lasting styles. Formula enriched with vitamins that it contains, allows you to maintain the desired shape for a long time. Your hair looks natural...
Redone Shaving Gel 1000mL
£5.50 (£6.60 incl. VAT)
Redone Shaving Gel 1000mL
New Red One Shaving Gel 1000mL Helps blade glide on skin extra smoothly Added moisturizing formula helps skin stay soft and fresh for longer Perfect for barber use and is used by barbers around the world The Pump helps to...
Sold Out
Redone Creative Fiber Wax Strong Hold & Matte 150ml
Red One Creative Fiber Was Strong Hold & Matte 150ml Red One delivers a Creative Fiber Wax that provides an extremely strong hold with maximum control. Designed to enhance hair lines with a fibrous texture. This strong yet malleable hold...
Redone Creative Clay Wax Strong Hold & Matte 150ml
Red One Creative Clay Was Strong Hold & Matte 150ml Red One delivers their Creative Clay Wax delivering a strong hold with a stylish matte finish. The strong strength of this wax allows you to keep your hairstyle in the...
Redone Cologne 150mL
£2.60 (£3.12 incl. VAT)
Redone Cologne 150mL
Red One Cologne 150mL Excellent freshness Permanent odor providing coolness Freshness for a long time Complete your daily care Sense of cleanliness and freshness. MORE VARIANTS BELOW
Redone Spider Wax Maximum Control 100ml: ALL 3 Types
Created to shape your hair with full control. Styling wax designed for maximum control. It is composed of a formula enriched with vitamins and minerals Ideal for creating long-lasting hair styles by adapting to any hair type Hold: strong, long...
Redone Maximum Control Hair Pomade Strong Hold & Shine 100ml
Red One delivers a Hair Pomade that ensures a strong hold hair style, while maintaining a high level of gloss. Utilising a special creamy formula that keeps hair light. For the best results, take only a small amount on the...
Redone Keratin Matte Hair Wax Full Force 150ml
Red One Keratin Matte Hair Wax Full Force 150ml The matte finish of RedOne Wax Keratin Matte is great for creating natural looking styles, whilst the keratin content cares for your hair.
Redone Forming Cream Creative Flexible Hold 100ml
Red One delivers a Creative Forming Cream that provides a flexible hold. Ideal for creating malleable, messy styles without leaving heaviness on the hair. This light weight forming cream provides a natural matte look effect, while maintaining style with a...
Redone After Shave Cream Cologne 400mL
It gives the feeling of cleanliness and freshness with its long-lasting fragrance that gives coolness and freshness. It completes your daily care by decreasing the burning feeling. MORE VARIANTS BELOW
Redone Argan Matte Hair Wax 150ML
Red One Argan Matte Hair Wax 150ML The highest quality and cost-effective hair wax products you can get on the market Long lasting fragrance Create extreme hairstyles and structured shapes.

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