Disposable Towel White Pack of 100
Disposable Towel for barbers and hair dressers In white Multi-purpose packed individually Pack of 100  
£23.99 £15.00
Diva⭒ UV Sterilizer: MSD-208
Diva⭒ UV Sterilizer: MSD-208 Preface: UV Sterilizer cabinet can fulfill this job with the help of its UV lighting tube within short distance without turnover, together with the UV reflection on both sides & the shining bottom. IT Is well-known...
Diva⭒ Towel Warmer; 23L UV Towel Sterilizer
Diva⭒ Towel Warmer; 23L UV Towel Sterilizer Description: Featuring built-in UV lights and automatic temperature control system, you don't have to worry that your towels are not clean anymore. This unit makes achieving sterile towels simple and easy, you don't...
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