Diva⭒ Towel Warmer; 23L UV Towel Sterilizer
Diva⭒ Towel Warmer; 23L UV Towel Sterilizer Description: Featuring built-in UV lights and automatic temperature control system, you don't have to worry that your towels are not clean anymore. This unit makes achieving sterile towels simple and easy, you don't...
Disposable Towel White Pack of 100
Disposable Towel for barbers and hair dressers In white Multi-purpose packed individually Pack of 100  
£23.99 £16.00
Sold Out
Diva⭒ UV Sterilizer: MSD-208
Diva⭒ UV Sterilizer: MSD-208 Preface: UV Sterilizer cabinet can fulfill this job with the help of its UV lighting tube within short distance without turnover, together with the UV reflection on both sides & the shining bottom. IT Is well-known...
The Shave Factory Hot Towel Steamer
Hot towel steamer range is the perfect companion for barbers offering wet shaves.Using hot towels help open pores, soften hair pre and post shave while relaxing the jaw-line.  Benefits: Ready in 15 minutes  Ideal for mobile and limited space  Fully...
Hair Tools Disposable Salon Towels White Pack of 50
Hair Tools Disposable Salon towels  white pack of 50 are eco-friendly disposable salon  towels that are soft and super absorbent. Features: 100% biodegradable disposable salon towels Disposable after use Size: 80cm x 39cm Soft and super absorbent  Non-woven Cost effective by reducing...
Rio Wall Towel Shelf - Salon's Furniture
Rio Wall Towel Shelf  - Salon's Furniture 4-6 Weeks Delivery TimeCUSTOMISATIONS AVAILABLE{ dimension, colour, and more} contact us on; 0141 4201651 or email; info@csssalonsupplies.com Upgrade your bathroom or spa with our stylish and functional wall shelf designed specifically for towels. Available...
Spence Towel Cabinet - Salon Furniture
Spence Towel Cabinet - Salon Furniture   4-6 Weeks Delivery Time CUSTOMISATIONS AVAILABLE {dimension, colour and more} contact us on; 0141 4201651 or email; info@csssalonsupplies.com Dimensions; H:200cm D:30cm W:85cm This beautiful towel cabinet holds over 40 towels is very spacious to...

The Best Towels

Towels are the most commonly used parts actively in everyday life. For professional barbershops and hair salons, towels are extremely critical. From maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction to the quality of the service provided, towels have a very decisive role. The most important function of towels in hairdressers and barbershops is the drying of the care area after hair or beard shaving or after hair care. Although there are different types and models of towels used by professional hairdressers and barbers, different utensils must be present in the halls in order to clean the towels in a hygienic way.

Towels for Sale

Special devices called "UV Sterilizer" are used to ensure that the towels used in hairdressers and barbershops are completely sterile and clean. The most basic function of these devices is to completely sterilize the objects in the area by sending UV rays into the closed area. With UV Sterilizer devices offered by CSS, you can ensure that all towels you use in your salon are sterile enough and will ensure that you provide high-quality service.

Best Price for Towels

Towels are priced in different forms according to their standard and quality. For those looking for the best price for towels, CSS offers the possibility to have high-quality towels at an extremely low cost. You can also have UV-Sterilizer devices offered by CSS at the lowest cost to have completely sterile towels in the halls. UV-Sterilizer devices, which stand out with their high power capacity and large volumes, will ensure that all towels you use become completely sterile and your service reaches high standards.

Where to Buy Towels?

Towels are a professional hair salon requirement that can be purchased at many points, but it may not always be possible to find quality and highly functional towels. Finding a UV-Sterilizer device and having them at the lowest cost is extremely challenging. Devices made for fully professional hair salons, such as towels of all types or UV-Sterilizers, are available from CSS's wide range of products. Moreover, you can meet all your professional hairdresser and barber shop needs at the lowest costs.

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