Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling Hydrowave Perm & Neutraliser 1Ltr
Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling Hydrowave Classic Perm & Neutraliser Natural Styling Hydrowave Classic Perm is a comprehensive perm kit containing both a perming solution for coloured hair and a neutraliser. The Natural Styling Hydrowave Classic Perm twin pack is excellent...
Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling Hydrowave Neutraliser Fixing Lotion - for lotions 0/1 1000ml
Ensuring that the hair is in the best possible condition prior to commencing the perm will always guarantee the best possible results. Natural Styling presents two pre-treatment formulations, which have been specially designed to provide the exact level of care,...
Hair Tools Perm Rods Grey-14mm
Hair Tools Perm Rods Grey 14mm Pack of 12.
Head Gear Perm End Papers
£4.15 (£4.98 incl. VAT)
Head Gear Perm End Papers
One box of 5x500 Perm Endpapers. Wet strength end papers ideal for use with professional perms.
Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling Hydrowave Creative Gel 1 50ml
Creative Gel 1, 2  1 - Normal Hair 2 - Tinted/Highlighted Hair  A gel consistency designed for partial style effect and support, root lift or re-growth refreshment to allow total style individualisation.

Perming & Straightening

All-day long hair is exposed to harmful substances and negative effects in the environment. Your hair can lose its moisture and weaken. Unfortunately, the weak hair strands break off and fall out. In order not to experience these bad results, hair care and the use of the right products are essential for your health of hair. All of the care sprays and hair foams that your hair wants are available on the CSS web page. Apart from these, you are able to use the necessary products when you want to curl your hair or get a flattering look safely. 

Furthermore, these moisturizing hair products will give your hair the necessary care and make it curly. You should pour a sufficient amount of hair product into your hand and apply it by shaping all your hair.

For Sale Hair Perming & Straightening Products

If you want to give your hair natural-looking curls and brightness without using heat, you are able to take a look at spray or foam products on our web page. Receiving the necessary moisture, your hair will be easily shaped and gain volume. As well as, you will enjoy using these products that do not harm the hair structure.

Best Price for Hair Perming & Straightening Products

All of our known salon products are of very high quality and CSS also showcases its products of this quality. It is very easy to give your hair the necessary moisture with the products on our web page. You are able to shop at very reasonable prices. On the other hand, you will get an affordable, profitable and economical profit.

Where to Buy Hair Perming & Straightening Products?

It is now much easy to protect and straighten increasingly damaged hair. You can browse the salon furniture that is just a click away from the CSS catalogue. It is possible to have a pleasant shopping experience thanks to discounted and affordable prices.

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