Wahl Professional Cordless Charging Stand
PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: The Cordless Clipper Charge Stand is compatible with charging all Wahl, Sterling, and 5-Star cord/cordless clippers, so it can keep all clippers charged for uninterrupted cutting. STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: This charger is weighted to keep it steady and in...
Immortal Infuse - Space Hair Gel 250mL
IMMORTAL INFUSE SPACE GEL gains brightness to the strand thanks to the KERATIN COMPLEX and PROVITAMIN B5 in it and enables hair to shape easier. It has an extra strong grip thanks to long periods of permanent humidi- fication. Smoothly...
Immortal Infuse Sea Salt Spray 100mL
It shape your hair with a light grip gives volume and fullness. Thanks to the salt in its formula, it provides matte and natural waves like coming from the sea.  How to use: Shake before use. Squeeze evenly onto damp or...
Immortal Infuse Black Mask 150mL
Immortal NYC's Purifying Peel-Off Mask calms, moisturizes and and strengthens the skin. It's purifying formula also exfoliates for a fresh, radiant complexion. This rich formula is packed with marine minerals from the seaweed it contains, which have an anit-inflammatory effect...
Immortal Infuse - Barber Shaving Foam Classic 500mL
The shaving foam developed for Barbers provides an easy shaving experience while it helps mositure skinwith vitamine E - it also helps protet against any irritation (will depend on skin type). It spreads easily, rinseand leave a smooth feeling on...
Immortal Infuse Shake and Rake Volume Powder
Immortal Infuse Volume Powder provides natural, mattifying lift to your hair for those want to style their hair without the use of thick gels or pomades. Provides invisible hold with hold and volume. To use, put a small amount of...
Immortal Infuse Shake and Rake Styling Powder
This innovative compound helps firm your hair by giving it a full and perfect extra Volume and Styling together with natural messy Matte Look. This powder formula gives you also to enable you to style your hair easily and helps...
Immortal NYC Deluxe Pomade Wax 100mL
The Immortal NYC Deluxe gives hair a medium, strong, high hold with depending on what you are looking for. It is definite that it lasts all day and it is ideal for classic pompadour and slick styles.Grease Original Pomade:Hold 4Shine 7Grease Original...
Immortal Infuse Beton Ultra Shine - Hairspray
Enriched with keratin complex and the formable holding matrix, the formula locks your hair style. Immortal Infuse Hair Spray with Strong holding power: bringing shiny appereance, it is a perfect product for models with modern and hard appearance. It creates...
Immortal NYC - Hair Classic Pomade 150mL
A hair pomade that will offer you strong hold and extra shine. Capacity: 150ml Spice Bom:  Immortal NYC's Classic Pomade, "Spice Bom" was specifically designed to create a striking but natural look for their hair with ultra brightness and holding...
BaByliss PRO BAB2666U Perfect Curl MKII
Product Description Create three different types of curl in seconds with the new Perfect Curl MKII featuring revolutionary auto-curl technology enabling the creation of three types of curl formations at the touch of a button; tight, defined or loose waves....
Denim & leather salon gown/cape
Features: Blue denim and black beather pocks with skull.  1. Apron, adjustable neck belt buckle and waist straps.2. Zipper and pocket design, durable and wear-resistant, easy to wash.3. Tried from the back
Nano Absolute Station Mat
£12.50 (£15.00 incl. VAT)
Nano Absolute Station Mat
Protect work surfaces Helps prevent wear and tare to counter tops and surfaces Keeps tools organised and in place
Immortal Infuse One Million Dollars Aftershave Balsam 350mL
"One Million Dollars"  Thanks to vitamin e as an ingredient, helps moisturize and soften your skin. Does not feel sticky and oily on the skin. Quickly absorbable. How to use: Take some balsam on yoour palm and apply by massaging on...
Immortal Infuse One Million Dollars Colonge 400mL
"ONE MILLION DOLLARS" This product provides a sense of cleanliness and comfort byrefreshing your skin with its pleasant fragrance types.  How to use: Take some colonge on your palm and apply by massaging on your skin with small circular movements. ...
Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling Hydrowave Perm & Neutraliser 1Ltr
Schwarzkopf Professional Natural Styling Hydrowave Classic Perm & Neutraliser Natural Styling Hydrowave Classic Perm is a comprehensive perm kit containing both a perming solution for coloured hair and a neutraliser. The Natural Styling Hydrowave Classic Perm twin pack is excellent...
from £13.29
Indola 4+4 Ph-Balance Conditioner 5 Litre
Gentle enough for frequent use, the non-stripping Conditioner and low pH herbal conditioner are suitable for all hair types.
Indola 4+4 Hydrating Colour Shampoo 5 Litre
An everyday shampoo for coloured hair, it helps protect the hair from colour fade for luminous colour and radiant shine.
Indola 4+4 Hydrating Colour Conditioner 5 Litre
Indola Hydrating Colour conditioner (5 Litre) is ideal for moisturising dry and chemically treatmented hair, helping prevent colour fade.
Schwarzkopf Natural Styling Hydrowave 0 1L (Resistant Hair)
Contains a combination of moisturising Hydrowave Technology and Hydrolysed Silk Protein to ensure that Natural Styling Classic delivers perfectly formed, long-lasting curls and waves with soft hair that lasts up to 12 weeks.
Spiral Desk Mounted Dryer Holder
A perfect solution to tidy up those electrical hair dressing products in the Hair Salon or at home. This product is made of a robust marble base, and plastic spiral and is floor or desk standing, no more burnt carpets...
Wahl Cordless Senior and Cordless Detailer Combi Kit
Wahl Cordless Senior & Detailer Li Duo The Wahl Cordless Senior & Detailer Li combi pack features two of Wahl's best-selling cordless products. The ideal duo for any busy barbers, both the Senior and Detailer benefit from revolutionary Lithium-ion battery...
Selective Colorevo Permanent Hair Colour - 100ml
£5.50 (£6.60 incl. VAT)
  • Biscuit Blond 7.31
  • Red Light Blond 8.6
  • Deep Ash Light Blond 8.11
Selective Colorevo Permanent Hair Colour - 100ml
SELECTIVE COLOREVO PERMANENT HAIR COLOR DYE - 100mL EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCEBeyond colour, true emotion. COLOREVO, a professional colouring system, ideal for all hair types. COLOREVO colours guarantees extraordinary colours, healthy hair, thrilling results. Today these results are possible with the cutting-edge...
  • Biscuit Blond 7.31
  • Red Light Blond 8.6
  • Deep Ash Light Blond 8.11

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