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Wahl Cordless Magic Clip Clipper
£149.00 £99.00 (£118.80 incl. VAT)
Wahl Cordless Magic Clip Clipper
Featuring a stagger tooth blade enableing 15% faster feeding and optimized blending providing a smoother cutting experience. Ergonomic lightweight and cordless design for easier handling with the great haircutting quality of a Wahl corded clipper. Lithium-Ion Battery Adjustable to Zero...
£149.00 £99.00
Sold Out
Cordless Magic Clip Clipper Metal
£129.17 (£155.00 incl. VAT)
Cordless Magic Clip Clipper Metal
The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip Clipper Metal Limited Edition is one of Wahl's most popular professional clippers. Never run out of power with this cordless clipper as it can be used on the cord if its battery is low. The...
Croc Clips Purple 10PK
Croc Clips Purple 10pk Product code: Set includes: 10 pack Croc Clips Section and hold large amounts of hair while colouring, cutting, and styling Rubberized finish ensures no slipping while working with wet hair, product or colour
Wahl Clipper Blade 2191 for Magic Clip
Wahl blades are made using the highest standard machinery. Every blade is precision ground to ensure sharpness and durability, improving the quality of your cutting experience. Compatible with: 5 Star Cordless Senior (8504) 5 Star Magic Clip (8451) Cutting length:...

The Best Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a must-have in professional hair salons. Electric hair clippers, which are mostly used in men's hairdressers, clip buckles used in hair cutting, or hair making in women's hairdressers are just some of the products that are among the hair accessories. Hair accessories also include special headpieces made for shavers. In case of deformation or similar problems in the blades of shavers showing cutting function, it is possible to completely eliminate the problem experienced thanks to special heads. This allows the shaver you have to work as high performance as the first day.

Hair Accessories for Sale

Shavers, which are among the hair accessories, provide quality and high standard service of specialist hairdressers and offer the opportunity to shave their hair following customer demands. Metal body shavers produced using high-quality materials will allow you to reflect your hairdressing skills and personal skills most effectively through the service you provide. Again, with the blade heads specially produced for these machines, it is possible to completely eliminate the possible problems that may occur in the blades of the devices and obtain comfortable use.

Best Price for Hair Accessories

It may not always be possible to access and easily supply many products that are among the hair accessories. CSS allows you to easily have the highest quality hair accessories at the best prices. In addition to shavers and hoods, clips of hair buckles used especially in long hair are also included in CSS's hair accessories product range. Clips hair buckle provides the opportunity to give hair better and to perform efficient work in haircuts.

Where to Buy Hair Accessories?

Clip buckles also offer significant advantages in preparing hair in different concepts. Clips buckle, which completely tightens a special area of hair by collecting it, allows you to do special work in this area. You can also collect hair to be dyed in a single area with the help of a clip buckle in dyeing operations. Clips buckle is also suitable for use within the scope of separating wet hair and removing it from dry hair. All high-quality hair accessories can be accessed from CSS's wide range of hair accessories.

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