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A hair pomade that will offer you strong hold and extra shine.

Capacity: 150ml

Spice Bom: 

Immortal NYC's Classic Pomade, "Spice Bom" was specifically designed to create a striking but natural look for their hair with ultra brightness and holding power. Its perfect to create elegant smooth styles with natural appearance strong level of hold shine and medium level of holding thanks to its content moisturizing the hair. 


Immortal NYCs Classic Pomade. "Strawberry" Shine strong hold is water-based wax pomade IMMORTAL NYC STRAWBERRY HAIR WAX with an original fragrance and recipe. Provides medium shine and strong hold.

Thanks to the high holding power, it is ideal for creating dynamic sterilizations with an original look. It leaves the hair in good condition, healthy and fragrant.

One In A Million:

Immortal NYCs Classic Pomade. "One in A million" shine strong hold provides flexible hold with no damaging effects to hair.  It adds massive texture to your hair and resist the effects of humidity, letting you create a wide range of fancy styles that will last.

The Eternity:

Immortal NYCs Classic Pomade. "The Eternity" shine strong hold provides flexible maximum strong holding power and low shine, thanks to its smooth texture formula of pomade/gel ideal for dynamic and fascinating hair models that makes hair texture not causing any oily look and protect your look and protects your hair against abrasive affects of moisture for an extended period of time. 

Captain Black:

Immortal NYCs Classic Pomade. Thanks to the argan & keratin in its contents, "Captain Black" gains flexibility without making the hair heavy, protects it for a long time against the effect of moisture, creates a great texture and enables you to apply fashion styles.

Cream Pomade:

Immortal NYCs Classic Pomade.  With "Cream Pomade" you get extreme hold & shine - like fibre that helps thickens, textures and increases the fullness of the hair. The paste also provides a strong, flexible hold with a shine finish.

Iconic Men 

Immortal NYCs Classic Pomade.  With "Iconic Men"  you get unbelievable bulkiness, texture with its formula defying the gravity. Makes hair empathized not causing any anu oil look thanks to its to its structure: containing "creamy" pomade. 

Directions for use:

Rub the paste in your hands and then apply it to damp or dry hair and shape your hairstyle. 


Avoid getting in eye. 

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