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Salon Vaccum


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This very handy and neat hair vacuum cleaner makes your salon hair free. You sweep the hair in front of the suction opening and switch on the device. The Shave Factory Hair vacuum cleaner sucks up the hair. When the collection container is full, you can empty it.

The collection container has a capacity of 2.7 liters. You can set the Vacuum cleaner to run continuously or when you sweep hair in front of it and the sensors detect the hair and start vacuuming.

Characteristics and properties:

Ecological: no bag needed
Automatic activation: always active and ready to use
Manual activation possible, activation by foot
Filters are available separately

Technical features :

Dimensions: 38x26x61cm
Container capacity: 2.7l
Manual and automatic activation - with infrared sensors
Operating instructions:

Note: Does not work when the control switch is in the OFF position.

Turn the control switch to the MAN position for manual operation or to the auto position for automatic operation. The POWER indicator light will illuminate when the control switch is in either position.
In MANUAL mode, sweep debris to the inlet at the bottom of the unit, press the button to activate manual mode and allow the debris to be sucked up through the inlet and into the collection bin.

Note: MANUAL mode lasts 5 seconds. Depending on the amount of waste, it may be necessary to press the button several times to activate the manual mode.
When the control switch is in the AUTO position, sweep debris into the inlet at the bottom of the unit. The sensors will detect the dirt and automatically start a timed vacuum cycle that ends when the sensors no longer detect dirt. The dirt will suck through the inlet to the collection tray without you having to bend over or touch the dirt.
Use the button to activate manual mode to start vacuuming, either in MANUAL mode or AUTO mode.
When the dirt accumulates. the collection tray needs to be emptied, The indicator light on the collection box indicates when it is time to empty the collection box.
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The Shave Factory Salon Vaccum
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