Salonsystem Marvelash C Curl Lashes: Assorted & Vari-Length

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Salonsystem Marvelash C Curl Lashes:  Assorted & Vari-Length 

C Curl Lashes 0.07 Extra Fine Vari-Length

The Marvelash C Curl Vari-Length lashes are mixed length across each strip allowing technicians to create a soft textured 'Russian wispy' look. Several lengths of lash can be picked up at once enabling fans to be created quickly and easily. Ideal for multi-lashing.

  • Enhanced C curl
  • Lightweight 0.07 thickness
  • Assorted lengths - 8,9,10,11,12mm.
  • Black. Synthetic hair.

C Curl Lashes 0.07 Extra Fine Assorted

  • Marvelash C Curl Lashes 0.07 Extra
  • Fine Assorted Lengths Black x 7500 by Salon System
  • Assorted lengths - 8,9,10,11,12mm.

C Curl Lashes 0.07 Double Layer, Assorted

Double layer of mink style, lightweight lashes perfect for express Russian volume layering and feathering techniques. Use these lash extensions to create stunning multidimensional effects. 

  • 0.07 extra fine
  • Mink style
  • Assorted lengths: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12mm lash extensions
  • Contains approx 8000 lashes in various lengths

C Curl Lashes 0.12 Double Tip Ellipse Assorted

  • Ellipse shape (flat base) for easy application & longer lasting lashes
  • Double tip for volume at the base and a soft feathery effect at the tip
  • Assorted length - 8,9,10,11,12mm
  • Fine 0.12 thickness
  • Lightweight

 C Curl Lashes 0.20 Volume Assorted

Marvelash C Curl Ellipse Lashes have a unique flat base which means a greater contact area for better application.

  • Enhanced C Curl
  • Volume 0.20 intense look
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