Loreal Absolute Repair Molecular Pre Treatment 190ml

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When hair is damaged, its molecular structure, composed of peptides, is compromised. But most peptides are too big to be reinjected into the fibre, making damage almost irreversible.

Scientific discovery – Absolut Repair Molecular. Help strengthen damaged fibres* for long lasting repair. For the first time, L’Oréal's Advanced Research Team successfully managed to decompose peptides, to inject their components separately into the fibre**. Once inside, they reform & rebuild the molecular structure of the hair.

More than surface repair, this patented pre-treatment, concentrated with 3% Peptides bonder + 5 amino acids, refills the hair molecular structure with a long-lasting efficacy. It restores its strength, elasticity and movement.

It deeply penetrates the fibre up to the peptides level for a molecular repair of the fibre.

Instantly, hair is visibly transformed: extremely easy to detangle, it is re-plumped with a restored fibre smoothness.

Its liquid texture is immediately absorbed into the fibre and provides molecular repair with no weigh down.

For all damaged hair textures, colour-treated, lightened & natural hair.

This range has been co-developed with 3 repair experts: Adina Pignatare @adina_pignatare from the US Mike Julliard @loungecut from France Barbara Rabelo @barbararabelo_ from Brazil

*Instrumental test. **Amino acids & peptides bonder. Analytical test, after application of pre-treatment + 5 shampoos. Consumer test after application of pre-treatment + shampoo + rinse-off serum Instrumental test after application of pre-treatment + shampoo + rinse-off serum.
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Loreal Absolute Repair Molecular Pre Treatment 190ml
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