Gabri Hand & Face Care Cream Fig Grapefruit 300ml

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Hand & Face Cream


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300 ml.

This richly moisturising formula helps to nourish and soothe the skin while leaving it gently fragranced. The added vitamin C helps to brighten your skin while the antioxidants add protection from daily stresses such as pollution. The benefits of vitamin C are widely known. Working to both defend and improve your skin at the same time, the inclusion of this crucial vitamin in Gabri Hand & Face Care Cream is explicitly by design. Known to advance collagen creation, vitamin C works to potentially thicken the dermis and decrease fine lines. Protection is also paramount with Gabri Hand & Face cream, and the vitamin C ensures your skin is enriched with antioxidant agents which shield skin cells from harmful UV rays. Lastly, the vitamins work to fight dark spots from sun damage and reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. All these effects combine with a lasting feeling of smooth, soft, hydrated & moisturised skin - with a delightful fruity scent as the cherry on top.



Coconut Oil,

Yoghurt Blackberry, 


Red Grapes. 

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