Diva⭒ UV Sterilizer: MSD-208

UVSD 208
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Diva⭒ UV Sterilizer: MSD-208


UV Sterilizer cabinet can fulfill this job with the help of its UV lighting tube within short distance without turnover, together with the UV reflection on both sides & the shining bottom. IT Is well-known that Ultraviolet Traditionally in the sun kill the bacteria attached to article, which is yet to be explored frequently on equal irradiation.

This product is suitable to hair/beauty instruments and small articles such as glass, metal vessel, plastic instruments etc… It is also used for storage of articles which have been cleaned. 15 minutes and irradiation in the box can kill over 95% of bacteria.

Main technical specifications:

  • Model Number: MSD-208
  • Ration Voltage: 22-240V
  • Maximum Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
  • Maximum Power Capacity: 6Q

Operation method:

  1. Plug in the standard power supply of the instrument with the electric voltage
  2. Put the tools into the instrument
  3. Press the “POWER” button, the UV light inside is on – this means the instrument has entered the work appearance
  4. Press the “SELECT” button to choose the disinfection time “8” min or “30” min
  5. The door is closed when the instrument is in disinfection process, when you open the door it will then stop working
  6. Do NOT stare at the light tube
  7. Put out the plug when you don’t use it
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Diva⭒ UV Sterilizer: MSD-208
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