Selective Professional: Decolorvit Plus 500mL

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Bleaching powder with an exclusive “safe salon formula” compact, with zero volatility, ideal for al super-lightening and fast and uniform action. Guarantees uniform results to both natural and colour-treated hair. DECOLORVIT plus, mixed exclusively with DECOLORVIT active use, allows bleaching up to 7 tones, in full respect of the hair structure remains. Easy to blend and apply, the mixture is smooth, uniform and compact. Its blue colour helps neutralize warm highlights.

How to use Selective Professional: Decolorvit Plus 500mL

DECOLORVIT Plus has to be mixed exlusively with Decolorvit Active Use 10-20-30-40 vol. based on the desired bleaching level. Mix the product and apply on dry hair. Allow to rest but check the bleaching process every 5 minutes, up to a maximum of 55 minutes. When the resting time is completed, rinse out thoroughly with water and cleanse with a specific shampoo from the Oncare Color Care. 

with Decolorvit Active Use 10-20-30 vol

  • Standard Texture: 1+2 [e.g.: 30 gr of DECOLORVIT plus + 60 ml of DECOLORVIT active use 10-20-30-40 vol.] Recommended for highlights and foil.
  • Personalized Texture: 1+1 [e.g.: 30 gr DECOLORVIT plus + 30 ml of DECOLORVIT active use 10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes] for highlights using a comb.

Developing time: it varies according to the volume of Decolorvit Active Use 10-20-30-40 vol. and to the structure of the hair to be trated.

Maximum time 55 minutes.

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Selective Professional: Decolorvit Plus 500mL
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