Osis Plus 2 Texture Blow Powdery Blow Dry Spray

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Get an instant natural texture The OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range reinvents the finish for longer hair with a sugar dry spray, a powder dryer, a dry texturizer spray, a soft volume powder, a foam dry shampoo and a dry conditioner. Invisible results, innovative science, light action and ultra-dry formulas make heavy, sticky, artificial looks a thing of the past. Benefits of Friction Finish Light texture, volume and root elevation Feeling of powdery hair No hull effect Squeezing the hair reactivates the hold Instructions for use:


1: Apply OSiS+ Texture Blow evenly over the media to provide fixation and create additional volume. Step

2: Use a flat aerated brush to dry hair and control roots. Step

3: Use a round brush to add shine and movement.

Step 4: If necessary, use medium to large tweezers to provide additional movement. Step

5: Apply OSiS+ Beach Texture to enhance the look with a tousled beach texture.

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Osis Plus 2 Texture Blow Powdery Blow Dry Spray
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