SALONSYSTEM Profile Nail + File Antiseptic Spray 250ml
SALONSYSTEM Profile Nail + File Antiseptic Spray Sanitizing nail and file antiseptic spray. Protects against fungus and bacteria. Use prior to the application of artificial nails. Can also be used to sanitize nail files, implements and work surfaces. Helps to...
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Sanitas SMA 43 UV/LED Fingernail & Toenail Dryer
Sanitas SMA 43 UV/LED Fingernail & Toenail Dryer
SALONSYSTEM Gellux Prep + Wipe
SALONSYSTEM Gellux Prep + Wipe Dual purpose cleanser that sanitises the nail plate and wipes away gel residue. Suitable for all UV and LED soak off systems. Also removes uncured gel from brushes and pots.
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SALONSYSTEM Gellux Remover for Gel, Acrylics and Tips
SALONSYSTEM Gellux Remover for Gel, Acrylics and Tips Safely and gently removes gel polish, acrylics and tips from the natural nail. Contains acetone.
SALONSYSTEM Profile Acetone Profile 1 Litre
SALONSYSTEM Profile Acetone Profile 100% acetone for speedy removal of false nails. Skin and cuticles should be protected during use.
SALONSYSTEM Gellux Profile LED Pro-Lamp 13W
SALONSYSTEM Gellux Profile LED Pro-Lamp 13W Fast cure 13W LED lamp with auto timer (30, 60 and 90 seconds) and removable raised base for feet and thumbs. Lightweight ergonomic design with gloss finish. Includes 80 LED bulbs for optimum cure....
Salon System GELLUX Nourishing Remover Kit
GELLUX NOURISHING REMOVER KIT Professional Gel Polish Remover Kit with everything needed for fast, fuss free removal. Contents: Nourishing Remover 250ml, Remover Clips (10), Remover Pads (75), Manicure Sticks (5), Duraboard File
SALONSYSTEM Clear Nail Forms 500
SALONSYSTEM Clear Nail Forms 500  Self-adhesive nail forms developed in clear plastic, perfect for both acrylics and UV Gel nail extensions. Each form is printed with grid lines for consistent length, shape and gorgeously balanced ‘C’ curves.

Nail Art Kits

Nail art kits attract the attention of those who want to bring their nails to an aesthetic appearance. These kits, which are offered to make artistic works in the nail area and to achieve a well-maintained nail structure, contain many different materials. LED dryers allow gels applied to the nail area to dry in a short time. In addition, transparent forms of nails, special lotions that allow the removal of nails; within the scope of products that can be purchased for nail art application. Make your art speak at your nails by supplying the necessary materials!

Nail Art Kits for Sale

CSS offers you the most special nail art kits through its website. Each product has features that will make it possible to get one step closer to well-groomed nails. Thanks to nail art kits, it can make eye-catching shapes on your nails for your special days; you can reflect your style. Since nails need to be cleaned before starting nail art operations, you can complete this step without problems by using the lotions offered to you. You can also reach a clean and well-maintained nail structure by using cleaning gel for overflows on the edges of the nails.

Best Price for Nail Art Kits

CSS, which makes it possible to reach well-groomed nails in a short time with quality nail art kits, shares the most special products with you. Campaigns from time to time make it possible to buy products at an affordable price. You can review the products on the website and order quickly and easily by throwing what you need into the basket. It is quite easy to reach well-maintained and eye-catching nails with CSS!

Where to Buy Nail Art Kits?

Nail art kits, which are very advantageous for people who cannot spend enough time on nail care due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, are offered to you by CSS at very special prices. The UK-based Glasgow company acts within the principle of customer focus and offers products to meet the demands of its customers. CSS Salon Supplies & Services sells its quality and quality products from London to Glasgow and you can visit our Glasgow showrooms for the best nail art kits.

Our company, which is located in Scotland, offers you the most special nail art kits and supports you to reach aesthetic nails. By purchasing the products, you can have much more groomed and cool nails on your special days, and you can take your style wherever you go by achieving a stylish and elegant look. It is quite easy to reach eye-catching and elegant nails with CSS!

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